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Special clothing AURUM EX NEW with the AMBER EX lightweight jacket

Special clothing AURUM EX NEW with the AMBER EX lightweight jacket

The garment consists of three parts: jacket and heavy trousers according to PN EN 469 (AURUM EX NEW special clothing) and light jacket for open spaces according to PN EN 15614 (AMBER EX light jacket).
The AURUM EX NEW suit is intended for use in general fire fighting and related activities, such as rescue work, disaster relief. The clothing provides protection against flame, water and heat. The AMBER EX jacket is intended for use in extinguishing fires in open spaces, i.e. firefighting operations related to the fire of combustible plant material, such as forests, crops, plantations, meadows and arable areas, and related events.


  • The design ensures good ergonomics of movements and comfort of work.
  • Lock with an emergency opening system, the so-called anti-panic.
  • Reinforcements made of aramid fabric with silicone-carbon coating.
  • The elements made of metal are covered
  • Perforated tapes 50 and 75 mm wide
  • Optional: System for mounting a rescue loop.
  • Optional: additional reflections made of silver tape on the shoulders

Material composition of AURUM EX NEW:

– EXTERNAL FABRIC: ADAS  195 g/m2, 75% Meta Aramid 23% Para Aramid 2% Antistatic

Color variants: yellow (shade of natural aramid), black, dark blue, red.

– MEMBRANE: ePTFE -70% Meta-Aramid, 30 % Para-Aramid

– THERMAL INSULATION LAYER: non-woven fabric -70% Meta-Aramid, 30 % Para Aramid + lining – 50% Aramid 50% Viscose

The garment has: