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Firefighter Special Uniform PLATINUM

Firefighter Special Uniform PLATINUM is a two- pieces garment consists from jacket and trousers. Jacket with ¾ length is about 20cm on trousers.

Garment meets requirements for protective cloths used during fire fighting actions and related activities, i.e. rescue work and help during disasters and catastrophe. Thanks to ergonomic design solution and the use of the highest quality of materials, it ensure maximum wearing comfort, fire resistance, water resistance and vapor permeability.

Made from fabrics layout:

  • outershell aramid Nomex® fabric, with weight 195 g/m2 or 230 g/m2
  • membrane BW 525- aramid felt with PU coating
  • thermal insulation layer DMV 215- aramid knitted fabric quilted with lining fabric

Garment is equipped with reflective and fluorescent elements, made from flame retardant tapes, meeting requirements of EN 20471 and with print “STRAŻ”.

Alternatively, in jacket at the height of shoulders and/or elbows, and in trousers at the height of knees can be sewn reinforcements from knitted aramid fabric with flame retardant silicone coating.

Uniform has WE assessment certificate no. 16 – A/2007/PPE/1435 issued by Textile Institute, confirming compliance with norms PN-EN 13688:2013 and PN-EN 469:2008 – second level of norm.

Garment has Certificate of Admission issued by CNBOP in Józefów no. 1414/2012.